About Me

I have never considered myself a ‘joiner’ but the truth is that when I find something I like, I have the tendency to stick with it. I watched my first episode of Doctor Who when I was around 7 and I am still watching it now. I picked up my first AD&D book around the age of 13 and am currently with a group playing D&D every other weekend. I started working at my first ‘real job’ right out of college and I am still with the company 20 years later. I am fortunate that my wife puts up with it even after 17 years of marriage.

I believe that it is important to be enthusiastic about the things you like but that it can be tricky to put labels on things.

Places you can find me:

  • This Blog – Read it on the web or follow the RSS feed to be notified when it updates.
  • Wishlist – Not that I am expecting gifts but if you are looking for ideas.
  • Roll20 – This is where I am currently doing my roleplaying.
  • Email – No one has ever said that I’m a great pen pal but I do my best to be interesting.
  • My Pokemon GO#: 1318 7282 9740
⭐ - Bill