February Birthday Quiz

Last month, for my birthday month, work had a mini event for those of us celebrating. Since there were only two of us in attendance, it became something of a quiz show of hypothetical questions. The major one that stuck in my head was this:

“If you could time travel back into your life, what one event would you change?”

I am a big enough time travel geek that I have certainly thought about it. There was that one time in the 2nd or 3rd grade lunch room where I was asked what sort of music I listen to. At the time, my oh so clever answer was “Oh, mostly top 40. Whatever’s on the radio.” or the kid equivalent of that idea.

Oh, to just go back into my younger self and say something cool like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, or Blue Oyster Cult. I don’t know it would have changed my life much except of course for all of the time I spent thinking back on that moment.

Of course then the obvious question was asked:

“What would you say no if you were asked that question?”

I had to answer honestly that it would be Barenaked Ladies. I’m listening to them now.

⭐ - Bill