The Joy of Snow

With my birthday in early February, I have gotten used to the fact that more often than not (seriously, better than a coin toss) my party plans are going to be cancelled. With my daughter now having her birthday the day before mine, I feel it is my job to start preparing her for the inevitable.

This year, despite pandemic isolation we were still prevented from going over to my mother-in-laws house for a little pizza by the snow. That was last weekend. Things have since warmed up but the weather currently calls for another blast of snow to hit us starting at 2am. There goes our rain date plans.

Despite all this, one of the stronger memories I have of my father growing up is the time he showed up on Channel 22 news. Back then he was working at a store in downtown Northampton and they wanted to interview him about his feelings on the incoming snow storm. 

It is a shame they don’t have archive footage from the 80s on the internet (at least not that I can find) but my memory of my father in the establishing shot was every bit the ‘Strutting Leo’ meme except in the snow. They wanted to talk to my dad because you could see in every fiber of his being that he loved that snow fall. I feel the same way even to this day.

Unfortunately, learning from home means that my kids don’t have the joy of snow days. We built a very nice snow man and had some fun but I fear they will never have that deep love of snow. The kind that lives deep in your bones.

⭐ - Bill