I Miss the Maryland Renaissance Festival

I think everyone is aware that I wear my geek on my sleeve. For this post I wanted to go over something that will likely not happen this year due to the lockdown. That would be the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

The Faire runs each year from August to October in a place named ‘Revel Grove’ that actually exists appropriately enough up in Crownsville, MD.

There is a plotline involving King Henry VIII coming to the Grove along with his three love interests and a whole lot of drama there. But there is also glass blowing, jousting, and shows to enjoy. Not to mention the food. Fun Fact: Jousting is the official sport of Maryland.

I moved to DC back in 2000 and my wife and I have been going to the Faire since even before then when I came down to visit.

It was so much a part of our lives that when I proposed to her that was the location I chose. The women singing in the background are a madrigal group from England called the Mediaeval Baebes who were touring Faires in the US at the time.

They have returned a few times but over the years and we have seen them but the membership has changed and only the founder of the group still remembers us.

One of the great joys of going over the years as our family has grown is bringing the kids and introducing them to the wonders of the faire… even if that means we have purchased a lot of wooden swords.

And the treats. I love my clam chower in a breadbowl, cookies and milk, and turkey legs.

Side little rant here. This green costume was a ‘Green Arrow’ costume that my wife sewed in 2011 because my son was a big fan of the cartoon Batman: Brave and the Bold. The costume was spot on but in October of 2011 I could not find a toy bow and arrow to save my life. Then you know what came out in 2012? The Arrow TV Show, Brave, Avengers, and the Hunger Games. That following year we were knee deep in toy bows an arrows but not 2011. I’m not bitter.

On the subject of superheros, having a wife who is good at (and enjoys) sewing has its advantages, like this collection of superhero inspired garb (Renn Faire costumes). In case it isn’t obvious, the green tabard I’m wearing has a stylized lantern on it making me a ‘Green Lantern Knight’.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we get to return.

⭐ - Bill