Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary to Us!

This picture will forever and always be my favorite picture from our wedding. Everything else is so perfect and elegant and here we are somewhat blurry, grabbing our food before they took it away from us, and either mugging for the camera or possibly turning into zombies. It was the day after Halloween after all.

Given that this is a new blog, let me also use this as an introduction to the love of my life. I went through a phase where I wanted to tell people that we met on the TV show ‘Blind Date‘ but I’m glad I didn’t as that show is now long off the air and best forgotten.

The truth is we met over the internet sometime during 1995. If you remember the internet from back then you’ll remember that it didn’t actually have any pictures yet. As a Computer Science major, I was doing most of my learning on VAX Machines and talking to people on the internet involved logging into a MUD. So basically I met her on World of Warcraft but without pictures.

I am currently 43 years old. If you do the math, this means that I have known this amazing woman for more than half my life and it isn’t out of bounds to say that my love for her has defined my life. At the time that we’d gotten married we had been dating for nearly 7 years. Being both somewhat off the books religiously, I remember Frankenstein-ing a couple different ceremonies together and removing all of the junk about having a fresh start together which seemed to be a common theme across ceremonies.

In the 16 years since then we have grown together and overcome challenges together. It hasn’t always been easy but it helps having your best friend by your side. We have two children who defy my ability to pick a single adjective to describe them. We have a perpetually messy home that reflects the love of the people who live in it. We have jobs that give us health insurance which is important because our family adventures see someone in the hospital at least once a year. Most importantly we have each other.

I was going to bring up my wedding vows to show how goofy my younger self was but despite the heavy cheese factor (something I will acknowledge but never abandon), these vows have held up surprisingly well and still represent how I view my role in our relationship.

I promise to hold your hand through all the adventures in your life. I vow to fashion myself your shelter that bends in the storm but does not break. To inspire you when your creativity falters. Never to possess you, but rather to nurture the beautiful person you were, you are, and that you will become. This, my word I give to you, my friend, my partner, my other to hold in my arms from now into Eternity.

Looking forward to continuing this adventure…

⭐ - Bill