New Blog, Who’s This?

Just kidding. This is Bill and here is a picture of me standing next to the tower of Duplos that my children built on this rainy day in October.

There is an long and elaborate answer as to why I’m starting this new blog on Blogger of all places but the short answer is that having your own domain is great but the lifespan is limited to how long I’m willing to keep paying for it. Add to that, I find myself at a point where all of my stuff is on Google (Files in Drive, Books in Play Books, Movies on YouTube, CDs on Play Music, Pictures on Photos) so why not add my thoughts as well?

Not work stuff though. All of that belongs to Microsoft.

I’ve been on the internet in one form or another since the mid-90s. I met my wife via the internet back when it was only text based. In the early 2000s I had an active livejournal which I later migrated to a blog which ended up in part on a self hosted WordPress blog and the rest in a PDF file I have stored away.

So here I am, a 43 year old married father of two with an affinity for time travel fiction and role-playing games. I honestly don’t know what I plan to post about but it will probably be something nerdy or about my family. We’ll play it by ear.

⭐ - Bill