A Thing I did not Notice

Today, being a holiday for my wife and I but not for our children, we took advantage to get a few things done. We started with a walk over to Home Depot because I needed parts to fix one of the toilets. On the way back through the mall from getting lunch the picture to the left caught my eye.

I’m not sure if you can see it but in this picture he looks sad. Like someone-killed-his-dog levels of sad. I was struck by this level of sadness being used as a commercial to the point where I was compelled to drag my wife back to show her how sad he was.

I was so struck by how sad this picture was that I completely missed the fact that he was a celebrity. So when Alyson says to me “Maybe he’s sad because he was dumped by Suki.” I completely didn’t make the connection. I thought she was comparing him to ‘Vampire Bill’ (Stephen Moyer) and so my response was that he reminded me more of Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. It was at that point that my wife started laughing and pointed out that I should have known that it was Alexander Skarsgard.

The next five minutes involved me explaining my thought process while she continued to laugh. This is what just shy of 16 years of marriage look like.

⭐ - Bill