Death and the Midnight Cowboy

No, this has nothing to do with male prostitutes. Though what the Midnight Cowboy did before he became the guardian of the wasteland between the lands of the living and the dead is between him and his diety. Instead this is my latest adventure featuring the members of the Teen Machine. This time a mall appearance goes horribly wrong for the teens. You can read the promo for it below and the details of the adventure in a future blog post (April 4th if all goes to plan).

The Teen Machine may not be the world’s most powerful super team (that honor goes to Team Alpha) but they are by far the most fun. They are also way more popular with the kids which is why on October 31st, 1983 six members of the Teen Machine are helping to hand out candy as part of a series of mall visits in association with Super-Beat Magazine™.

Just as the festivities are getting under way, a grey haze settles over the mall and the lights begin to flicker. Spectral figures blink in and out of existence before one of the children is engulfed, warping his E.T. mask into a monsterous visage.

Roll for initiative.

This adventure will be using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition rules from Green Ronin. These rules can also be found in the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook. Neither book will be necessary to play. The members of the Teen Machine are all PL8/120PP characters putting them on par with Masked Adventurers and street level heroes. Pregenerated character sheets will be provided.

⭐ - Bill