Newest Family Member: Daisy

Daisy makes herself at home.Today we adopted Daisy. We originally met her a couple weeks ago through the ARF booth at the Maryland Seafood Festival. She was such a sweety and Caleb really seemed to like her. After we left the thought occurred that we could adopt her.

It didn’t take much to find her and she was still up for adoption. She was listed on the site as a dalmatian mix, most likely with pointer. Of course the first thing we heard when talking about it with friends and family was how dalmatians aren’t good with kids. Daisy does not have the dalmatian temperament as has really taken to Caleb.

So after submitting the paperwork we heard nothing. Alyson finally called and come to find out she’d been selected for a ‘better family’ but they were clearly not better because they never came to meet her. So after a little more prodding we were able to get a home inspection.

We cleaned furiously in order to make sure our house t with their high standards. Of course they barely looked out the house, brought Daisy with them and had us just sign the paper work, pay the adoption feed (which included her spaying, heart worm treatment, and micro-chipping), and now here she is sleeping on our floor.

The good people who rescued her found her on the street. She’s estimated at about 3 years old and was already a mommy before getting spayed. There’s a little bit of a scar on her leg where she was stuck in a wire or rope and a little bit of her ear is missing. So far the only quirk she’s shown is an aversion to the elevator and stairwell. Of course with us living on the second floor this is a bit of a problem but we’re working past it right now.

Now for a little bit of a rest from all of this excitement and then it is o to the pet store for some shopping.

⭐ - Bill