15 Movies That Really Stuck With Me

So nobody tagged me on this but I saw the post about this on Anya Breton’s Blog and I told myself that I should totally do that, especially since not a single time-travel movie was included in the list. This needs to be rectified.

I’m posting these in stream of consciousness order. As I posted each one, it would generally remind me of the next one on my list. I also adopted a ‘no peeking at the movie cabinet’ rule because that seemed against the spirit of the game.


Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II (1989)

Yes, I said 2. Why? Because in the second movie Marty goes BACK into the events of the first movie. That’s just awesome. Don’t get me wrong, watch the whole trilogy but the part where he’s sneaking around trying to avoid himself is what really makes it.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day (1993)

“Don’t Drive Angry!” I still say this jokingly. Groundhog day pretty much defined a whole genre of TV show knock offs. The Stargate one is perhaps my favorite.



Secretary (2002)

Let’s talk about how this movie is not about domination power fantasies. This is the love story of two broken people who through trial and error manage to find a relationship that not only works for them but heals them.

Wayne's World

Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World (1992)

When you’re a high school boy, sometimes you latch onto a movie in order to bond with your social group. I know some younger guys for which that movie was Anchorman. For me and my friends it was Wayne’s World.

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive (2001)

Let me be clear. This is NOT a good movie but it did stick with me. Sometime in the first half hour I said to my wife. “This is terrible. Maybe there will be some lesbian sex. That’ll make it better.” It turns out that I was right. There WAS lesbian sex. In fact the whole plot was about that. Turns out I was wrong. It didn’t make it any better.

The Addiction

The Addiction

The Addiction (1995)

A little indy film about a new vampire trying to figure out her new undead existence. Christopher Walken’s soliloquy about what it means to be a vampire who has found balance is the icing on an excellent movie.



Pi (1998)

Another little Indy film. This one dealt with the power of mystical numbers and a narrator who was going crazy/gaining super powers/both/neither(?!). The secret order of mystical rabbis was a lovely touch.

South Park Movie

South Park Movie

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)

I got my hands on this movie right around the time I graduated for college. I would put it on repeat while I was job hunting. I did a lot of job hunting. I blame Canada. It may have ruined Les Mis for me when I finally got around to seeing that.

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal (1981)

This became a cult classic during college. The kind of thing you would break out to indoctrinate the newbies. I only had it on VHS but I still break out the awesome soundtrack from time to time. Especially if I want to listen to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Veteran of the Psychic Wars”.

Earth girls are Easy

Earth girls are Easy

Earth Girls are Easy (1988)

This was one of my sister’s favorite movies and so I ended up watching it a lot. On top of that though was the (not-at-the-time) all star cast and the sheer campy goodness.



Mannequin (1987)

Another movie that I came to through my sister. It is silly, campy, and has Estelle Getty at her absolute best. Plus I’m sure it was the events of this movie that lead James Spader to be the broken man he is in Secretary (see above).

The Frighteners

The Frighteners

The Frighteners (1996)

What is it about me and Michael J Fox films? (The Secret of My Success barely missed getting onto this list as well). This one came out of no where for me. I had no idea what to expect and what I got was a really cool mystery with a cleverly built world.



Unbreakable (2000)

Everyone remembers the 6th Sense but I think Unbreakable was really M. Night Shyamalan’s masterpiece. It really solidified what I imagine a low superhero setting to be like where the heroes are super, but only by comparison and they are clearly human.

Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day (1996)

I remember the end of this movie with the alien space ships crashing to earth. All of that technology… this is how the Robotech universe got started. I’m sure that the sequel will just be a rebuilt world fighting against another alien menace but I want to see the earth transformed by this experience. On top of that, this movie just hits all sorts of emotional high notes culminating in Bill Pullman’s speech.

The Transformers Movie

The Transformers Movie

The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

“Bah Weep Grah Nah Weep Nini Bahn!” I’m going out on a high note here. There was so much about this movie to love. Optimus Prime’s noble sacrifice. Hot Rod’s coming of age story. “You’ve got the TOUCH!” Before this movie Transformers were ‘robots’, after this movie they were ‘Cybernetic life forms’. The difference is a notable one.

Taking 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons for a Spin

5e Adventure

5e Adventure

Last weekend I came off of my gaming hiatus to play my first session of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. My group had previously played part one of the adventure that came in the Starter Kit and so joining up with them I created a 2nd level character using the free online basic rules.

Only one of the players from the last session kept his pregen character, the other player from before made a new character, and the other two of us were new. So the party make up was one halfling wizard (my character), a high elf wizard (the pregen), a dwarf cleric (built as paladin-like as possible), and a halfling rogue. It’ll be interesting to see how the characters change for next time. I got the impression that we liked our character ideas but most would be interested in tweaking the mechanics behind the character.

In general I found that the game played pretty fast but that were were slowed down by a lot of our side conversations. For instance, as good seasoned players we did our best to concentrate fire. The sleep spell however works on remaining hit points so in order to get the best spread there, it makes sense to spread out the damage and then sleep the area. This sparked a conversation about how best to work that in the future.

One of the things I look for with new systems is how well it will play with my son. I honestly don’t think that he (at 7 years old) would have the patience to go through all of character creation. Even with the basic rules limiting down choices, I found that it took me around an hour to make a character by writing him out long-hand. I’ve already found a few rough draft character generators so I’m sure that situation will be remedied fairly quickly.

In the course of adventure we made it through about three combats. The basics of play haven’t really changed in the past 14 years. Through D&D 3rd Edition, several editions a Mutants and Masterminds, Pathfinder, and now 5th Edition. You roll initiative and take turns based on the roll. Roll to-hit against AC and then determine the results. I find the consistency of it comforting. The differences are in the details.

From my so far limited perspective, the biggest change in 5e from other d20 systems is the smaller range of bonuses. There is a sense that a lower level character still has a chance of messing up a higher level foe. I look forward to playing trhough some higher levels to see how that works out in play. It does rather remind me the E6 variant on D&D where the 3rd Edition ended at 6th level. 5e is still less lethal than that was however.

So far I’m enjoying it but I haven’t had enough experience with it to see the warts yet.

Dancing in the Cloud

I would like to say that I’m an early adopter but that isn’t at all accurate. What I want is a comprehensive plan for how I use the internet and that just can’t happen in an ad hoc manner. It requires thought and planning and pictures of little boxes with arrows pointing at them. And sure that plan will only last for three months or so but that’s how it is going to be.

Several years ago now, I made the decision that I was going to be moving more cloud based. I forget what exactly spurred that choice on but I see to remember having several conversations with people about security and what would happen if I threw my computer over a bridge. I want to say that it mostly coincided with the release of Google Music around 2011. If I could store all of my music online, which at the time was the biggest percentage of my file space, then why not move all of my files up there? The plan involved eventual move to a Chromebook as well.

The leader in online storage was Dropbox. They offered 2 gig of space free with the ability to gain more if you pimped it to your friends. Trimming out the duplicate files on my hard drive (a painful process) made it possible that I was JUST able to fit everything in Dropbox’s 50 gig/$100 per year solution if I kept my music files someplace else. I had Dropbox for all of a month when they sent me an e-mail letting me know that my $100 per year now bought 100 gig of space. I let out a sigh of relief and uploaded my music files.

As my time with Dropbox came to an end, I knew I wanted a Chromebook and the Chromebook came with two years of 100 gig space on Google Drive. Dropbox had been very good to me, but I’m not made of money either. In fact, my previous computer was a Macbook which had been a money hole so I was even more money-conscious than I might normally have been. So with the move to Chromebook I was fully 100% on the cloud… if you ignore the external hard drive I have squirreled away with all of my files backed up. The external hard drive is only for emergencies however.

Over the next two years I experimented with things(e-mail addresses, social media, on-line document editing, etc) that didn’t overly involve on-line storage. Then my father-in-law’s computer broke. Fortunately for him his hard drive didn’t crash but he needed a way to get the files stored on it. I have an S/ATA to USB converter so I told him I’d take care of it. I ripped all of the files and then went to share them….

Dropbox was the obvious choice for the type of sharing I wanted to do to get him his files back. Honestly, it didn’t really work but in the process I ended up re-purchasing my 100gig of Dropbox space as well as the 64 gig USB flash drive that he eventually got his files back on. My Chromebook is only a couple months away from dropping my free storage space and I needed to figure out what I was going to do. Here were the facts as I saw them:

  • Google Drive – $2/month for 100gig, Doc files stored as Link to Internet on hard drive
  • MS OneDrive – $2/month for 100gig, Doc files stored as *.docx on hard drive.
  • Dropbox – $8/month for 100gig, Doc files stored as is but no editor. Best reputation.

I’m more than a year out from my Mac days so the money shock wasn’t hitting me as hard and there is something satisfyingly simple about Dropbox. So I moved my files over to my dropbox account except for documents I am actively working on which are now stored on my OneDrive. It was an ok deal.

This morning I received an e-mail from Dropbox. My $100 per year will now be purchasing one Terabyte worth of storage space rather than the previous 100gig. I have no complaints.

Now to figure out photo gallery hosting.

Fall 2014 Television Schedule

Remote Control, Television - TV-controllerI end up making this list every year. It is a flexible list. Shows will be added and removed as we evaluate the new shows and decide what we like and what we don’t.


  • 8:00 pm – 2 Broke Girls (CBS)
  • 8:00 pm – Gotham (CW)
  • 9:00 pm – Sleepy Hollow (FOX)
  • 10:00pm – Castle (ABC)


  • 8:00 pm – The Flash (CW)
  • 8:00 pm – Selfie (ABC)
  • 9:00 pm – Agents of SHIELD (ABC)


  • 8:00 pm – Arrow (CW)


  • 8:00 pm – Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  • 8:00 pm – Bones (FOX)
  • 10:00pm – Elementary (CBS)
  • 10:00pm – Haven (Syfy)


  • 9:00 pm – Doctor Who (BBC America)
  • 11:30pm – Saturday Night Live (NBC)


  • 8:00 pm – Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Back on the Gaming Wagon

Dungeons and Dragons (meets Warhammer...)

Dungeons and Dragons (meets Warhammer…)

Do you know what happens when you go too long without playing a role-playing game? That’s right, you start working on your homebrew setting. The one that you started in college and that mostly consists of a bunch of arrows drawn on graph paper describing the theories of magic… not that I have ever done that.

In my case, the world spins out of a setting that I started working on at the height of the d20 craze but never really did anything with because EVERYONE was working on their d20 world at the time. It would probably never have been more than a blip on the gaming radar anyway but now it might be fun just to take for a ride with some players.

The setting was originally called ‘Isla’ but then transformed into ‘Wyrdstrands’ because of emphasis I had placed on ley lines. Those have faded but it still has a few features that make it unique:

1. Cosmology – Originally I had planets that corresponded to the planes but I have become more enamored with the idea of single plane realities where ‘Heaven’ is really up in the sky and ‘Hell’ is really underground. In this case, all portals to ‘Other Realms’ are in fact gateways to the other planets in the system. The main world, subtly named Lunaris, is one of several moons around a water giant. This makes the Moon (called Oceanus) a prominent figure in the sky. It also adds power to the Werewolves (more on those later).

2. Theology – I have been rather fascinated with the Ugaritic Pantheon and much like seeing Heaven and Hell as real places I’ve wanted to see the gods be closer to the ground. The gods of the world live in the world and are primarily god of their city. Each city has its own god and only under rare (see below) circumstances will their power range out past the surrounding suburbs. Though I had the idea, I hadn’t until recently dealt with the specifics. The 13th Age world map is perfect for this if I just transform the Icons into gods. Each has his or her own base and portfolio. This also ties in with the ley line idea because so much of the magic of 13th Age ties into the Icons, perhaps it is the power that flows through the ley lines that makes each Icon a local deity. Also, if the power of the god is separate from the person of the god then it should be relatively easy to put a new person on the throne… like when Christmas specials trade out Santa Clause.

3. The Races – Half-Elves and Half-Orcs have long bothered me. If humans can breed like that then aren’t Humans, Orcs, and Elves all the same species? The answer for this world is yes. The 3 Primary races are Elves(High magic-y types), Orcs (Closer to Half-Orcs in demeanor), and Dwarves (as you’d expect). Humans are what you get when you mix Orcs and Elves and both races often wish they hadn’t gone there. This means there are no more Half-elves and Half-Orcs. Gnomes come from Dwarf/Elf pairings… these are gnomes of a more fey nature. Goblins come from Orc/Dwarf couples and are basically greenish halflings who really have earned their reputations as thieves. All together these are the ‘pure’ races and while there are other humanoids… things have gone horribly wrong with them. (See Below)

4. Where things went wrong – An age or two ago the god who corresponds with the High Druid in 13th Age decided that it was time to expand. A deity with expansion on their mind needs an army. The first time this happened resulted in the creation of Undead and the one time God of Law and Magic becoming the Lich King. This time the High Druid enlisted the aid of the Dragon God and they began to breed an army. In pretty much any other D&D based setting, dragons and humans can intermarry with just about anything. In Wyrdstrands this became weaponized and the Great War that ended the last age was won when the Gods finally banded together and defeated the Dragon God and the Lord Druid.

Of course now that I’ve written this… it sounds like it would be much more fun to pit the PCs against the combined forces of the Dragon God and the High Druid and let them slowly uncover the armies of half-dragons and werewolf minions. Let them fight against the elite Medusa forces. Although the left over taint of the war could be interesting as well.

My Attempts at Fitness

Mountain biking

Mountain biking

This has been something of a week. Feeling in a spring-like mood on Saturday I took my bike over to the bike shop to have it tuned up. I had taken it over there at the end of the season when I was having difficulties with my shifter. They had said it would be 3 weeks to get it taken care of and being mid-October I just couldn’t wait that long. I told them I would try another bike shop and of course I never did and then winter hit. Winter hit hard.

Knowing that it would take three weeks, I took it over there anyways and figured I’d see what happens. They told me I should be able to pick my bike up on April 1st. Hopefully they aren’t kidding. You know, because April 1st and all.

Turns out that the time frame worked out well because Sunday night it started snowing. It snowed so hard that the federal government closed and I stayed home from work. My gym is in the basement of my work so getting a jump on the working out didn’t happen as well as i’d hoped.

And then there was Tuesday. Tuesday I returned to my desk to find a voice mail from my wife. The baby had a fever and she was going to see the doctor. Calling her back, it turned out the baby had an infection and they were taking her to the hospital because the hospital could do the tests faster. That night I got home, fed the dog, packed up some clothes for my son and then my sister-in-law picked me up. We dropped off the clothes so my son could stay with his grandmother and then went over to the hospital. y little girl was checked in Tuesday night around 10.

Over the course of the visit, the Doctors kept upping the time frame that they were going to have to keep her. 24 hours observation. 48 hours of observation. It capped out at 72 hours of observation.

Wednesday morning I arrived at the hospital to find my wife and baby had gone down to ultrasound her internal organs. Baby girl was sleeping through the whole thing. The only symptom she’d had was a high fever and that was gone after the first night once they pumped some antibiotics into her.

The ultrasound was interesting:
“Here is her bladder…”
“Here is her uterus…”
“Here is some poop…”

The poop came out 15 minutes later.

Wednesday night I went home around dinner time, picked up my son and had some bonding time. We had ice cream, walked the dog, and played some Super Paper Mario. Then I took him to school the next morning. I didn’t do any work on his words which I should have. Fortunately his mother crammed them into his brain on Thursday.

Thursday morning, after dropping my little man off at school, I showed up back at the hospital with coffee in hand. Things were looking up and the culture had come back with E. Coli and the UTI was showing only in the bladder, nothing up near the kidneys. In other words, highly treatable.

We high tailed it out of there as fast as we could. Stopped by CVS and had some lunch while we waiting. My afternoon was then spent catching up on work e-mails as I had forgotten to set my out-of-office message and people were starting to panic that I wasn’t answering their e-mails.

And all of this adds up to a week in which I didn’t get any exercising done at all. On the bright side of things, I had a banana and cheerios for breakfast this morning and as I post this, I am preparing to go for a nice 4 mile walk during my lunch break.

There is always next week.

Fantasy Races

Gnome by Philippe Semeria

Lately I have been reading more fantasy. Traditional swords and magic type stuff. One of the recent ones was the first Dragonlance book. In that book Tasslehoff, a kender/halfling/hobbit, mentions that he thinks one of his relatives was part gnome. A little mental bug that has been bothering me for a bit is the question of fantasy races and how they interrelate.

Originally this came up as part of the introduction of 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons. The new class in that edition was the sorcerer who’s backstory focused on unlocking magical power through the mystical blood that ran in his or her veins. On top of that, templates were introduced that allowed for quick mechanical creation of half-dragons, half-demons, and other supernatural goodness. In one of my half-baked settings the big bad was the Goddess of Fertility who used her powers to a cross-breed army (half dragons, half giants, half-elves, and lycantropes of all stripes). Post-God-War all cross-breeds were considered tainted.

The idea could use some work but it did get me thinking on the interbreedability of humans, elves, and orcs. The big question is if humans and elves can create half-elves and humans and orcs can create half-orcs then are elves and orcs close enough to have babies. And of all those children, how many of them are fertile? With dragons, you can just point out that they’re shape shifting reptiles and let magic handle it. That is less the case with the elf/human/orc issue.

As with many gamers, I’ve fiddle around with my own Fantasy Heartbreaker(Fantasy rules set only I would ever play) and referenced it a few times as basically a ‘Stripped down version of 3rd Edition’, probably with a few cool features from other games added in. This is my list with concerns about racial compatibility taken into account.

– Noble
– Commoner
– Barbarian

Fae (aka Elves)
– Day(High Elf)
– Twilight(Wood Elf)
– Night (Drow)

Gnomes (Here is where it gets weird)
– Mountain Gnomes (Dwarves)
– Forest Gnomes (Gnomes)
– Hill Gnomes (Halflings)

Savages (Also ‘Green Skins’)
– Orc
– Half-Orc (As in Half-Orc/Half-Goblin)
– Goblin

I think I’d also like to add in some sort of scaled race as an option. Something dragon related maybe. Half-Elves get the short stick on this list and I sort of prefer it that way. I’m tempted to make half-elf an option but point them out as being at the very least infertile mules if not outright warped in the way that nephilim are.

Welcome to ‘Keep it in your pants’ World.

All about my Toys

Goodbye Toys

Goodbye Toys

Like many a proto-geekling, I have fond memories of the toys in my childhood. One of those earliest memories involves standing in the driveway of my parent’s house and holding a Han Solo action figure. I have equally vague memories of going to see Empire Strikes back when I was a little one so that makes sense. Even more important in my memory was taking that trip to the department store (Bradlees I think) and purchasing my first He-Man figure (Man-E-Faces) over which I would bond with my two best friends in Grammar School.

Time marches on however and eventually I became ‘too old’ for my toys. So they were packed up and sent off to my cousins. As it turns out my cousins were mostly into cars and so while they grabbed up the transformers (close enough to cars) the He-man, Thundercats, and Star Wars figures all ended up in my Babci’s attic where they would sit for several years before eventually returning to me.

It was around my 21st Birthday that I once more started getting interested in action figures and made up my mind to start collecting them. Being of limited funds and a slightly special snowflake/perverted streak, I decided to limit myself to female action figures. My thought was that they were ‘rarer’ because boys didn’t really want to play with girls and more fun to look at. For my 21st Birthday Alyson gave me a Rogue who delivered a spring loaded upper cut when you pulled the lever on her back.

Fast forward several years and my collection grew and grew. A few of them stayed in boxes (mostly duplicates) but the rest found their way out onto my increasingly crowded shelves while the remains of their boxes ended up in a larger box. The accessories would go in their hands if they fit nicely but I also put aside several plastic baggies so that they wouldn’t get all mixed up.

In 2007 when we bought our condo we moved from renting a sizable three bedroom house to an apartment sized living space. Feeling the need to be ‘more adult’, I purchased a set of vertical wall-hanging shelves on which to put my favorite girls and the rest ended up in two large rubbermaid containers that were pushed to the back of my closet. The specifics of those shelves changed a little bit but remained fairly stable over the past couple of years.

Recently, my wife and I did a massive clean out to clear out the office/sewing room and turn it into a room for our daughter. On my end, this saw the reduction of my comic collection, my roleplaying books, and yes most recently my action figures. You don’t even want to hear about the horrors that was my wife’s craft collection getting trimmed down.

I had originally wanted to sell my stored away action figures to a local toy buyer but it quickly became obvious that they weren’t interested. Either the store was facing hard times or my collection as I described it to them wasn’t up to snuff. Possibly both. So this past weekend my wife pointed out to me that the totswap (not as kinky as wife-swap) was coming around again. She had sold some of our son’s toys there and many of his old clothes there before. I wasn’t going to get ‘collector’ prices on my toys but it would certainly be better than just tossing them out.

Last weekend plus a couple of snow days saw me bagging 151 action figures up into semi-themed bags of 5-8 action figures each and then I dropped them off (along with a modest selection of kids clothes) to be purchased. As of this morning one of those bags had been purchased at a commision of 65%. That’s just for the pre-sale open to new mothers however. I am hopeful that Mumra’s Tomb (originally purchased at 90% of in a Caldors closing sale) will make a few bucks at the very least.

Below are the figures that still remain of my once grand collection:

Death and the Midnight Cowboy

DC GameDay Teen Machine

DC GameDay Teen Machine

No, this has nothing to do with male prostitutes. Though what the Midnight Cowboy did before he became the guardian of the wasteland between the lands of the living and the dead is between him and his diety. Instead this is my latest adventure featuring the members of the Teen Machine. This time a mall appearance goes horribly wrong for the teens. You can read the promo for it below and the details of the adventure in a future blog post (April 4th if all goes to plan).

The Teen Machine may not be the world’s most powerful super team (that honor goes to Team Alpha) but they are by far the most fun. They are also way more popular with the kids which is why on October 31st, 1983 six members of the Teen Machine are helping to hand out candy as part of a series of mall visits in association with Super-Beat Magazine™.

Just as the festivities are getting under way, a grey haze settles over the mall and the lights begin to flicker. Spectral figures blink in and out of existence before one of the children is engulfed, warping his E.T. mask into a monsterous visage.

Roll for initiative.

This adventure will be using the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition rules from Green Ronin. These rules can also be found in the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook. Neither book will be necessary to play. The members of the Teen Machine are all PL8/120PP characters putting them on par with Masked Adventurers and street level heroes. Pregenerated character sheets will be provided.

Dragonlance, Robin Hood, and Tropes

Dragonlance Characters around a campfire by Larry Elmore

Dragonlance Characters around a campfire by Larry Elmore

When I was younger, I read all of Weis & Hickman’s Deathgate Cycle and DarkSword trilogy. All the cool kids were reading Dragonlance so of course I never picked it up. Also, it was never in the library so that impacted my hipster tendencies. The closest to Krynn I got was reading Beyond the Moons which takes place there before heading off ‘Beyond the Moons’. The benefit to this is that now I can read some of these classics that I missed.

I picked up Dragons of Autumn Twilight recently and quickly noticed two things that inspired me to write this post. First, the reviews for the book are not very good. The good reviews seem to come from a haze of nostalgia while large amount of bad reviews seem to be a reaction against the nostalgia. Secondly, I felt really comfortable with these characters very quickly. I remembered feeling the same way when I read John Roger’s Fells Five comic as well. There is just something comforting about the standard adventuring party.

And I guess that’s what prompted me to write this (instead of the list of Pet Peeves I was going to go with). So many people have seen the Lord of the Rings movies. The gruff dwarf is a known quantity no matter if his name is Gimli: Son of Glóin, Flint Fireforge, or Khal Khalundurrin. The same thing goes for stealthy short-people be it Bilbo Baggins, tasslehoff Burrfoot, or Bree Three-Hands. And everyone has their favorite Armored warrior, mysterious mage, or dual-weapon wielding ranger. Or maybe not, depending on if the ranger is a dark elf or not.

A similar phenomena has shown up in the retellings of the Robin Hood legend. Each time Robin Hood hits the big or small screen there are new twists that are added to the characters or new characters are added and others are given less prominence. Despite different quirks that the characters may display thanks to different storytellers, they can at least be tracked because they keep the same name. Of course in the last few decades a Saracen or Moorish character has started showing up in these tales going by a different name each time be it Nasir Malik Kemal Inal Ibrahim Shams ad-Dualla Wattab ibn Mahmud, Azeem, or Djaq. I found a great article on the variations of Sherwood characters at boldoutlaw.com

Of course, now that I’ve spell this out there is a temptation to merge the two groups into an adventuring party:

  • Robin Hood: High Elf Ranger - The focus on archery pretty much demands it. Plus I like the slumming noble background.
  • Little John: Half-Orc Barbarian - He’s the biggest and toughest of the group by far.
  • Maid Marian: Human Paladin - I despise the damsel in distress routine. Let her fight for righteousness.
  • Friar Tuck: Halfling Cleric - Lover of food and wine? Plus the name ‘Tuck’ brings to mind Peregrin Took from LotR.
  • Will Scarlett: Wood Elf Rogue - Will is the dagger and rapier wielding dexterity based rogue at heart.
  • Much: Dwarf Fighter - I like him as a peddler type who isn’t afraid to throw down.
  • Alan a Dale: Gnome Bard - As the minstrel, the bard is the obvious choice.
  • Azeem: Dark Elf Wizard - The Saracens usually have some knowledge of alchemy and this party is lacking in magic power.

Well, it looks like a now have my list of pregenerated characters for the next time I pull out 13th age. And I still have room for a Half-Elven Sorcerer. Or maybe I’ll just take this group on some adventures in my head.